Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business

Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business Book Cover Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business
Kim Walsh-Phillips
Social Media
Entrepreneur Press

Business users may be advised to ignore Instagram at their peril, or at least keep this social media service on its radar. It is not necessarily something only for those aiming at the younger market with goods or services to sell. This is, therefore, a very timely, useful and informative book that opens your eyes to the world of Instagram within a business context.
If you are already on Instagram or considering it, this can be a goldmine. As said, it provides a good level of information for those who subsequently still have no need to be on there, since things can change. The book is written no doubt with the smaller entrepreneur in mind, although it scales perfectly to even the social media department of Megacorp. A comprehensive guide and strategy is given for utilising Instagram as a marketing and sales generation channel, amply aided by other tools such as those to build following, boost one’s online status and even develop Instagram-positive content. It is no longer good enough to assume that content that might work on Facebook will necessarily work on other social media networks.
It is written in a clear, practical and actionable fashion. A book for do-ing. It may change some preconceptions, fix some bad habits and be an inspirational source for those who need inspiring.
Some of the styling may appear off-putting or less relevant in a book of this kind, such as the religious overtones in the introduction as well as an over-personalised style of writing. The former can be overlooked when you see the grand totality of the book, the latter may be harder to ‘grin and bear it’, since it can be a generational or cultural difference. Yet the book and its content remains key, so it can be forgiven for any apparent transgression.
For what it sets out to do, it does it very well indeed.