The Toyota Way to Service Excellence

The Toyota Way to Service Excellence Book Cover The Toyota Way to Service Excellence
Jeffrey Liker & Karyn Ross
McGraw-Hill Professional

It seems that most managers within a production environment have heard about the Toyota Production System and have their own view about how it can function. Now service-orientated companies can share the benefits through this book.
The authors provide a great introduction to the Toyota system – something that could be a worthwhile read for all managers irrespective of sector and responsibility – even though this is clearly aimed at service organizations and businesses. Service organizations can particularly benefit from the Toyota system and LEAN principles, the authors note, and they help companies identify and implement this process.
This is no small book, yet it remains an accessible read in any case. It is packed full of great information that evangelises and enthuses the reader. It is neither dumbed down nor made unreadable through dry, technical language. It is a great catalyst in other words. Built around the core knowledge is a series of case studies to show how LEAN can work for companies in different sectors, delivering benefits throughout the chain. The reader is given the information, inspiration and ability to implement this – then the hard work falls on their shoulders and the book can then function as an aide-memoire and trusted adviser/supporter throughout the process.
It may not be hyperbole to even suggest that this could be a great book for students of advanced business studies, such as an MBA programme, as well as an introductory text for those lower down in a company’s hierarchy who need to get up-to-speed with a key method of working. Needless to say, for those higher up the management food chain, this should be a must-read if they have so far not jumped on-board the LEAN train. That said, even those who are working at a company which is LEAN-enabled may still get a lot of good knowledge from this book to help modify or emphasis a certain point.
A book for everybody in other words.