The PlayStation Dreamworld

The PlayStation Dreamworld Book Cover The PlayStation Dreamworld
Alfie Bown

A bit of a specialist, focussed read, building on the idea that we are a generation of gamers and it accordingly looks at our relationship to this and technological entertainment-at-large.
This is not a book for the casual reader, despite it being written in a fairly casual and accessible style, as it conveys a lot of often complicated or nuanced messages that demand interpretation. Analysing matters such as capitalism, dream analysis, society and gaming, it can draw you in and even if you don’t necessarily understand or agree with all the findings it still is an interesting read. Is our video-gaming and other techno-entertainment being commodified for the benefit of narrow external interests? Is there scope for ‘the left’ to reshape their politics and serve the domination of a hegemonic capitalist consensus?  Can we understand our society through the prism presented by video-gaming? The author shares freely of his views and may answer many of these questions and more besides.
Fortunately, the price of the book is not going to break the bank, so you can afford to take a gamble if you are unsure whether you’ll get on with it. You will struggle not to takeaway a lot of good, interesting knowledge and thought by the end of the book. For some it can be a real lightbulb moment.
It was an enjoyable, albeit slightly over-focussed, way to spend an evening reading.