Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning Book Cover Strategic Workforce Planning
Ross Sparkman
Kogan Page

Here is another practical guide that promises to help the reader assess, manage and prepare for both current and future workforce requirements. It broadly does what it sets out to do. Of course, it can only guide you, and you need to interpret and implement matters, but it still can be a good source of counsel and inspiration to the art of strategic workforce planning.
The book is aimed at human resources staff – those who may need to corral and manage the resources necessary for the company – but there is no reason why much of the advice should not be of use to other managers who need to identify and integrate future worker needs. The reader’s hand is held from the basics upwards, showing how to identify and plan workplace resource requirements. Other matters such as training and development, demand planning and even future must-knows such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are covered in this relatively slim volume.
It is, invariably, going to be one of those books that you either form a connection to and benefit immensely from else you may just get the bare essentials out of it with a bit of resistance. For this reader, at least, it was accessible, assistive and easy to relate to. For most, if not all businesses today, there is change, even though for some the pace and scale of change can be broader and more impactful than others. It is better to be forearmed with the knowledge to meet the challenges head-on since trying to learn and adjust to changing circumstances at the same time can be a somewhat strenuous, courageous and risky activity. A book like this should be consulted ahead of any changes as well as, no doubt, during the change processes too: you will see things in a different light and get different sustenance at the same time.
The concept of workplace planning is not that new, even though it can be more challenging and detailed due to changing company and industry requirements. Whatever your need, this book is capable of giving if it is consulted and its counsel relied upon to guide future activities. The hard part, of course, still falls to you and your colleagues, even with a powerful ally at your side.
Make space on your bookshelf, the one closest to hand!