America as viewed by a minority language newspaper within a country that is majoritarily composed of a minority European language

Copy of subjected paper

IGI Books will publish during 2019 “Popular Representations of America in Non-American Media.”

I propose to examine the output of a printed newspaper (or its curated digital equivalent of the day’s physical paper) that is published in a small town in Finland, servicing it and nearby municipalities. The aim is to examine what stories that principally focus on the United States of America are featured, how/what they represent, framing and any other relevant factors through quantitative research and other apposite research methodologies.

The study may reveal what is ‘newsworthy’ and is there scope for more than just ‘bad news’ and the same shared content that appears elsewhere, such as what the U.S. president has said or how a stock exchange has performed. In other words, through the eyes of a typical newspaper reader (who may not necessarily use other news sources, for various reasons including demographics and linguistic issues), what do they get to know about the United States through the curation process conducted by a prominent newspaper?

As an aside, or possible novelty, is that this newspaper is not published in Finnish but in Swedish, an official language of the country, although less than five per cent of the population claim it as their mother tongue today. In this area, however, there is a significant proportion of Swedish (mother tongue) and bilingual citizens. Culturally, many aspects can come from Sweden, but the perceptual interest in foreign news should not be so divergent (although a later companion study to a Finnish language newspaper could be considered for future research).