Many things interest me, but you must prioritise areas that you actively keep a closer eye on for research and possible development. Nothing stands still. Purists may describe matters as multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary. I prefer to say ‘look at the wider picture and liberally apply where suited’. The role, position and activity of communications is not far from my heart, however!

My research interests fall into these broad categories:

  • Communications (health communications, business communications, media communications & technological communications)
  • International business (internationalization, globalization, cultural activities and presence, start-up and growth development)
  • Language (English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) and its variants such as BELF, media usage, presentation)
  • Marketing (diverse activities, export marketing, SME marketing)
  • Public Relations (PR, corporate communications, internal communications, marketing communications)

…and other areas within media, archives and business can feature too!

If you have an interest in possible collaboration on some research,
please get in touch and let’s discuss!

Here is a current (-ish) list of some of present and most-recent research activities. Health issues mean that I am presently running at significantly lower power, but am slowly getting things done!

  • Aarticles for doctoral thesis concerning issues related to early-stage companies and their use of social media/public relations for internationalisation activities, with a particular focus on Finnish healthtech sector.
  • .Ongoing book project: Public relations and export marketing.
  • Pre-publication review and post-publication reviews  of scientific papers within the business and communications realm (profile)

 Concluded/submitted pending publication

  • Review “Web 25: Histories from the First 25 Years of the World Wide Web” (Peter Lang) for Information, Communication & Society.
  • Edited chapter: “On the Alert for Share Price Manipulation and Inadvertent Disclosure by Twitter and other Social Media Channels” in “Deception, Fake News and Misinformation Online” (IGI Global, tbd/2019).
  • Review “Media Logic: Modelling the Interplay between Media Institutions” (Springer) and “Applied Media Studies” (Routledge)” for Mediální studia/Media Studies.
  • Review “Media Logic: Modelling the Interplay between Media Institutions” (Springer), and “Understanding Public Relations. Theory, Culture and Society” (SAGE), and “Public Relations And Social Theory: Key Figures, Concepts And Developments” (Routledge) for Central European Journal of Communication.
  • Edited chapter: “Use of Twitter as a public relations tool for major Finnish and Swedish companies” in Twitter: Global Perspectives, Uses and Criticisms (Nova Science Publishers, tbd/2019).
  • Headword “Sweden” in “The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society” (tbd/2019).
  • Culture under threat by technology, regulation and society alike: The Gordian knot affecting minority hyperlocal cable television in media (preliminary title, View Journal, tbd/2019).
  • Minority language hyperlocal media in Finland: An old and still supported feature that fights for relevancy and a place in a fast-changing media and social climate (preliminary title, Nordicom Review, tbd/2018-9).
  • Review “Vinyl Freak: Love Letters to a Dying Medium” (MLA Notes, tbd/2018).
  • Review “Transparency, Public Relations, and the Mass Media” (Routledge) for Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.

Updated 2019-09-12

Older items expired from time-to-time, refer to CV
Excludes ad hoc freelance work