Privacy Policy

This site is operated by Darren Ingram Media (‘Darren Ingram’ and ‘we’) and I take your privacy seriously and this privacy policy sets out how I may use your personal information through your use of this website and other communications.   

In order to make this document easier to read, key points are summarised in bold capital letters although this is provided as a convenience and you are urged to read the document in full.

It is all standard stuff, there is no buried ‘small print’ and if you are unsure about anything, just ask! Of course, you might be like me and rarely check out the small print… who does if they are honest?

Information that we collect, except where we make it clear that it is being processed or passed on to a third-party or utilized in a clear public fashion (such as you post a comment to a publicly visible page), is held strictly private and confidential for our internal use. In a very limited set of circumstances, we may be obligated to pass identifying information to competent legal authorities such as the police, but we shall follow all due legal process in this extreme situation. Please note that your own, or intermediately-located service providers, may collect information about your Internet access and usage, but this is outside of our control and should be covered by their own privacy policy.

You agree that, as a visitor to our website, that we may automatically collect information about you such as, but not limited to, your IP number, browser type, country of connection, technical statistical information about your computer type, etc. This information may be compiled by an analytical partner such as Google Analytics and provided in a bulk, an anonymous format so that we can see that users are from a specific area or country, that a certain percentage of users access a given feature, etc.

Advertising, as shown on our site, is ordinarily displayed through anonymous or bulk means (such as based on the content you are reading rather than who is the viewing the content) although if you are logged into an account, such as a Google service account, they may additionally collect information about your usage as disclosed in their own privacy policy and/or contract for service provision with yourself. Some of the information may be gathered and monitored by tracking ‘cookies’ that you are able to control through your Internet access software as required.

We cannot control what data the owner of your access device, the service provider used, or the activities of a national security agency may collect from your use, but if they are monitoring your use of this website, they are likely to be focussing on your general usage!

To provide additional services or convenience to you, you may voluntarily provide additional information to register for an account and/or purchase any services or make any donations. All such information collected will remain private and NOT passed on to any third-parties, except where necessary for the provision of services, such as passing on your information to a credit card processor for the express means of providing credit card verification and payment services.

Elements of your provided information may be used for the purposes of service provision and development. Some of the information may be gathered and monitored through the use of cookies that you are able to control through your Internet access software as required.

We may also use elements of the information provided to communicate important information to you. Additionally, you may voluntarily elect to receive, and later revoke this request, additional information that we may wish to make available to you from time to time in line with the stated advertisement(s). No charge(s) will be made for these services unless clearly stated beforehand and prior to any service being provided.

Should you send press releases or other communications that are clearly designed for publication then obviously they shall be outside the scope of this privacy policy.

Any formal business relationship that may emerge from your usage of this website, such as a consulting assignment, will be covered by a separate agreement and undertaken through or at a different venue.

Elements or all of your personal data, as collected as part of our stated privacy policy, may be stored at contracted facilities located outside of the European Union or, in the disclosed form, by an authorized partner such as an analytical company in purely statistical forms. Your continued use of our services signifies your consent to this usage.

We take all reasonable and responsible attempts to secure the information stored on, and transmitted to and from, our servers as part of our overall service requirement. Transmission of data on the Internet can never be ultimately secure and we do not and cannot guarantee the security of information collected electronically or transmitted, thus you are submitting information to us at your own risk.

You agree to take similar reasonable steps to secure your personal information as provided, such as a username and password, and you are responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the password you generate.

Any links provided to third parties are provided as a matter of convenience and do not usually signify any specific endorsement or recommendation of products and services and you accept this and undertake to carry out any necessary due diligence as may be required.

The “Data Controller” is responsible for any subject access requests or similar queries related to your account. The data controller may be contacted by postage mail: Data Controller, Darren Ingram Media, Stallgrundsv. 10, 68570 LARSMO, Finland.

From time-to-time it may be necessary to revise this agreement and revisions will be posted to this site and you may be advised of any major changes for your review and subsequent approval through the continued usage of the site and facilities. This privacy policy was revised on April 1, 2018 (revision 1.51).