Predictive Analytics for Marketers

Predictive Analytics for Marketers Book Cover Predictive Analytics for Marketers
Barry Leventhal
Kogan Page

Predictive analytics is a fascinating hot topic in marketing circles currently and this book offers up an informative, engaging and understandable look at the situation-thus-far.
The author shows how current data can be used to try and predict future unknown events, so that products and services may be tailored towards this unknown form of demand. The method used may appear confusing, pulling together ‘complex’ subjects such as machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence and data mining. No guarantees can be given, of course, yet this approach is more than sticking your finger in the air and guessing.
Through this book you will get a great understanding about what predictive analytics is all about, so you can possibly move forward, marshal your troops and get utilising it. It is written with the marketing professional in mind, giving examples about its usage, benefit and potential – many of the self-same areas can be beneficial elsewhere within the enterprise too. It goes into a lot of detail and provides a focussed read. It may overwhelm you but not in a negative sense.
It is written for the non-technical reader, so there is no blather of jargon and assumed prior knowledge. You may view it as a book for do-ers, something that attempts to convert the passive to the active! It is available at an exceptionally low price for what you are getting too. Other than that, it is a typical Kogan Page book – clear layout, well-signposted, good references, index and more besides.
A book to read, exploit and deploy from. Even if you are using predictive analytics today, it may still be worth a read to see if you are missing anything too!