Native Advertising

Native Advertising Book Cover Native Advertising
Dale Lovell
Kogan Page

Native advertising is an advertising form that you have seen but possibly haven’t realised what it is. Essentially it is a form of paid media and the advertising ‘experience’ or content is designed to blend in and follow the media being consumed. Sneaky advertising, some call it. Whatever your view, it is a massive industry and this book sets out to be an indispensable guide and update to what’s hot within that sector.
The book mixes up elements of theory and current, practical real-world knowledge to great effect, looking at the issue both from a client perspective as well as offering insights from the publisher’s side. It gives a good picture about what native advertising is and its role, opportunities and even downsides within the digital marketing mix. It manages to service different audience groups well, so you can get both new knowledge and refresh your understanding of a rapidly changing sector at the same time, leading to a greater capability and capacity to use and monitor native advertising as required.
It was particularly interesting to note the references to history, showing that a lot of this digital advertising is not that new in principal, although the nature of deployment obviously may be. Motivations for using and reacting to different native advertising forms were provided and this helped put a ‘human face’ to the format. The book is clearly designed, well-written and accessible. Even the most stressed reader can find a few minutes here and there and pick it up and put it down as time allows. Or you can wallow in its goodness and have a long, sequential read and be assaulted by the bombardment of information!
A book to be considered.