Learning for Organizational Development

Learning for Organizational Development Book Cover Learning for Organizational Development
Eileen Arney
Business & Economics
Kogan Page

Many companies are still failing to maximise the learning and development potential for their operations and that of their employees. So this somewhat specialist book may help inspire and lead to change.
Acting as both inspirational aid and practical guidebook, this book covers the entire gamut from designing and delivering effective learning programmes to evaluation and evangelism. It mixes together theory, latest research and real-world case studies to good effect, showing how individual talent can be managed for the benefit of the company-at-large, synchronising need, potential and opportunity when carefully managed.
The book is very giving, is quite accessible and you can easily get lost in reading for a very long time. The price is reasonable for what you get too. If you have (or should have) a need for this type of book, you should closely check it out and probably ‘take it home’. It easily can be a well-consulted, well-considered companion for you and your colleagues going forward.