The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus Book Cover The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus
Eric Harvey
Simple Truth

This is one of those books that you may sigh upon seeing and question its relevance, yet upon closer examination it is by no means as bad as what you first feared.
This revised and republished book is a quirky, friendly and quite open guide for managers and leaders at all levels, wrapped around some yuletide jocularity. Many of the challenges that Santa Claus has are relevant to any company: personnel, public image, logistics, production, facilities management and so on. Delivering Christmas presents around the world requires an immense just-in-time chain and a finely tuned organisation. It doesn’t help having a strike on December 23. Yes, the concept may appear a bit of a cliché, yet the author manages to straddle the line between being humorous and being informative.
As a quirky book, it is one of the better ones that this reviewer has seen. It doesn’t have the gravitas or statue that some of the top management guru books will have, yet it can be a viable, interesting counterpoint that still may deliver some good knowledge and insight. It is written in a first-Santa style and well, it works. Who can’t feel for Santa when he gets letters like this: “Dear Santa: This year I only want one thing – a manager who cares as much about me as the work I’m doing. It’s hard to be committed when there’s no reciprocation. Please help!”
Santa has tried to find an accommodating solution. For the answer to this and many other problems you will have to read Santa’s own book. It doesn’t say if he has a special treat for those “nice” managers and leaders, yet who wouldn’t want to be on the “nice list” in any case…?
All in all, an interesting, different book with an attractive price tag to match. Something to consider this Christmas, possibly for a friend, a colleague and, of course, one for yourself?