Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve Your Communication Skills Book Cover Improve Your Communication Skills
Alan Barker
Kogan Page

The title says it all – improve your communication skills – and this revised and updated version of a basic, well-received book does what it says on the tin. Yet it is not something that only beginners or the inexperienced could benefit from. Even old hands who believe they know it all could benefit from validating their knowledge and they may even pick up a new hint or two along the way!
This accessible and engaging book is a practical guide to boosting your verbal and non-verbal communications skills, helping you hone them for use within both business and private situations. New sections include communicating with virtual teams, managing difficult conversations and cross-border/cross-cultural communications.
It may seem obvious and natural that we can communicate, yet so many people struggle to effectively do this act. Communications skills are very important and any communications miss can create problems, costs and delays too. Even any marginal improvement can yield benefits.
For those who like this sort of thing there are many exercises to complete that can strengthen new skills and identify other areas of weakness. Short chapters mean that even the most time-pressed person can work their way through this book step after step. Despite its brevity, it is not dumbed-down or leaving you short; maybe it demonstrates aptly the power of concise, focussed communication!
For its low price, what is there not to like?