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Darren Ingram can help you

I (Darren Ingram) am an enabler and provider of communications-led services, such as business advice, custom research, news production, management, marketing and public relations and online/new media consultancy. In other words, Darren Ingram can help you! Use this in your business. No job need be too small or too complicated.


Darren Ingram, being engaged in some new developments

Almost anything can be an exciting challenge. Even things that can otherwise provoke clouds of boredom to me, such as watching sport, can be interesting when professionally involved. For example, considering a communications strategy to help kick a possible storm away. Sometimes it is good to be ‘uninterested’ in things you must be interested and involved in!

Challenges differ. One day it could be reacting to breaking news, the next day it could be helping break news. The best sort of day could be just like the British weather – unpredictable – yet capable of delivering highs and lows. Maybe you need national, regional or international coverage of a news event, market sector or a weighty thought-provoking article. What about something designed to raise the blood pressure and engagement of readers, listeners or viewers?

Maybe you are on the other side of the fence. You might need strategic communications advice for a planned or unplanned event. You might even see that a broad communications-led approach can pay significant dividends in other areas of business too.

This website does not have dozens of pages detailing every service I can offer. There is no one-size-fits-all approach anyway.

My blend of entrepreneurial, business, communications and marketing skills and experience, as well as common sense and a little too much honesty, is available to you. Whether ad hoc or ongoing, a powerful Darren Ingram-led package can help. As you would expect, a fully-equipped newsroom office, broadcast-quality recording studio and photographic suite are at your disposal along with a selected range of mobile assets that can be deployed.

Confidentiality guaranteed. As the saying goes, dictum meum pactum – my word IS my bond.

I guarantee your satisfaction with a Darren Ingram experience.

Let’s talk! Remember, Darren Ingram can help you, and I certainly hope to learn from you too!

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