High Impact Fee Negotiation and Management for Professionals

High Impact Fee Negotiation and Management for Professionals Book Cover High Impact Fee Negotiation and Management for Professionals
Ori Wiener
Professional Services
Kogan Page

What professional does not want to charge a high fee for their service? Of course, on the other side of the coin, the client may need persuading that they are going to get value for money and a great service, especially the higher the hourly or daily rate is.
With this book’s content digested, maybe the service provider will be better placed to subtly articulate their value and negotiate higher fees for their services. They will learn a way to negotiate without it being seen as “street market haggling” and they can appreciate how matters look from the buyer’s seat at the same time, seeking to sidestep objections.
Of course, how you approach and manage a project can have a bearing on your overall profitability, so the reader is guided to making a more efficient, accurate and credible handling of their professional affairs. If you can free up a few more higher-paid hours into your schedule, compared with your previous manner of working, it is quite possible that you get to work less hours for more money at the end of the day (or just earn even more by working the same number of hours).
Make no mistake, this is no silver bullet, workflow-based approach to suddenly earning more. You must do a bit of hard work and much thinking but you and your professional activities should be better-informed and ready-for-action because of the process. Nobody likes price rises, after all, but you may be better-placed to sell and evidence the need for a fee hike later.
This is a second edition of a formerly well-received book, with significant refreshing, and it does what it sets out to do very well. The writing style may demand a little greater focus than expected by some readers, yet it is far from impenetrable and obtuse. It manages to satisfy several audiences at one time, ranging from theoretical business academic to in-the-field business professional, so you can understand why there is an exceptional amount of references and further reading information, enabling you to dig in as deep as you wish to a particularly point.
All in all, a very good, specialist read about a very important subject.