Financial Management for Technology Start Ups

Financial Management for Technology Start Ups Book Cover Financial Management for Technology Start Ups
Alnoor Bhimani
Kogan Page

Sometimes you may be forgiven for thinking that all technology start-up companies have no clue about financial management, with them burning through investments at a massive rate of knots without a care in the world. For many, if not most, it is the exact opposite and they need to have an intense focus on the finances too, but they may lack the skills to do it. This book may help!
This book is not just another accountancy book, but a book about accountancy and financial management that is explicitly focussed on the more unique and innovative needs that technology start-ups can have. The author uses clear, unambiguous language to explain and illustrate financial issues, as well as providing a toolkit that can be deployed to assist them going forward. If that is not enough, practical examples are given through illuminative case studies from the real-world. It covers the entire gamut of financing and operational finance.
Clearly the book cannot drill down on country-specific rules and regulations, but it does what it sets out to do and provides great focussed (but overview) information and expertise and you can knowledgeably in-fill local requirements as necessary. It helps shine a light on an often dry, overly technical and not-so-exciting but essential subject for sure.
If you have a tech start-up, you should be looking at this if you feel that accountancy and financial management is still a bit of a dark art. If you are thinking of a start-up, this may be a must-read and at its low price you probably won’t get cheaper and better advice!