Everything You Need to Know about Social Media

Everything You Need to Know about Social Media Book Cover Everything You Need to Know about Social Media
Greta van Susteren
Social Media
Simon & Schuster

A cute title hides the real power and utility of this book, which sets out to explain social media to the uninitiated. In fact, it manages to also fill in the gaps of some of the newer online services for us older people who may need to consider them. Despite being very experienced online, it saved this reviewer from having to go and discover Snapchat for himself… reading about it and leaving it to one’s daughter was preferable.
So this is a great book, that sensitively and calmly explains about several different popular social media services, assuming no real prior knowledge other than basic IT competency. Sorry, you cannot give this to your grandmother who has never used an iPad or computer and expect miracles overnight. Not guaranteed ones, anyway! This does seem to be more than a basic press here, here and here-type of book. You get a mix of background knowledge, history, real-world usage information and step-by-step assistance in clear language about how to set up an account and do routine stuff on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more.
The book does what it sets out to deliver and then some! It was particularly pleasing to note that it addressed online security and online behaviour: two important things that many tend not to understand, especially those who have not grown up with online activities (or supervise those who are younger!). The writing style was clear, accessible and patient: it could service several audiences at one go. This ‘old, experienced dog’ found some new tricks too!
I can see this being a great help to those who need a helping hand to get online and to utilise social media. It gives a comfortable, independent and knowledgeable guide. Highly recommended if you need this, and worth a check if you want to brush up your own possibly self-acquired knowledge at the same time.