Ethical Data and Information Management

 Ethical Data and Information Management Book Cover  Ethical Data and Information Management
Katherine O’Keefe & Daragh O’Brien
Information Management
Kogan Page

In short, this is a specialist-orientated book that looks at the management, processing and governance of information within an organization, providing an encompassing means to undertake such activities ethically and sensitively. Getting it wrong has implications, and today for many companies it can lead to very many unpleasant headlines, investigations, financial consequences and more!

The authors have aimed this book as a practical, actionable guide, presenting just enough information to guide without it becoming overbearing or overly detailed in the process. Sometimes you need this kind of book to kick you into action and to focus your attention. Other books and resources can then help fill in the details as required. No explicit knowledge is expected, with the book being suitable for the beginner or those with tangential knowledge. For those more inset into the subject, the meat on the bone is the practical, focused advice. Both audiences are catered for with a relatively neutral, level tone. For this reader, at least, it seemed to be a working formula, fitting in just over 300 pages.

Ethics remains at the forefront of this book, hopefully keeping you on the right side of legal and moral fronts. Recent news shows that some companies are having a bit of a problem with their ethical stance, even if it brings in income for them, as well as a lot of public disdain and now legal and political interest. Don’t go down that route, as the future does not look so bright.

If you are involved with the collection or utilisation of collected data, you could be well advised to take a look at the book, even if you feel that it might not contain new ‘insights’ in itself. The advice and direction advocated, in any case, can leave an impact and act as a useful resource. For the price of the book and some reading, it may prevent significant problems later on!