Endangered Economies

Endangered Economies Book Cover Endangered Economies
Geoffrey Heal
Columbia University Press

For many, environmental concerns are an impediment to economic growth, with it being seemingly an either-or equation. Yet in this interesting, thought provoking book the author believes that we can have it all, namely a growing economy that works to protect the environment at the same time.
The author takes the reader through basic economic and environmental matters as well as offering up a fair chunk of relevant history, suggesting that the problem is becoming acute due to the threat of climate change, the accelerating loss of ecosystems and the rapid industrialization of the developing world. The result is something that you will either seize upon with both hands or remain still sceptical towards, but that itself should be a win-win situation as if both the environment and economy could be secured and saved there would be nothing to gain by destroying something unnecessarily.
There is a clear passion to the author’s writing and yet it retains a certain objectivity and distance, letting the arguments speak for itself; this is something that feels to be lacking in many pro-environment books. A range of solutions are offered up that support the author’s claims and further reading can be undertaken through the extensive range of provided notes and references.
For some it will be a different or difficult read. You may not agree with it all or you might not understand every part of it, yet it can be a worthwhile book to consider in any case and it may just change some opinions within those who have the power to effect change. In any case, there’s nothing to lose and a lot to potentially gain in the process.