Data-Driven HR

Data-Driven HR Book Cover Data-Driven HR
Bernard Marr
Kogan Page

A practical, inspirational guide for human resources (HR) professionals, this book sets out to show how data collected by a company can be utilised to improve the HR function and, in turn, the company-as-a-whole. It is a lot more than just storing HR information on a computer, yet many professionals have yet to see the utility and potential of data-driven HR. A book like this can change that!
Such data usage should be carefully considered, carried out responsibly. Getting it wrong can create many problems for a company as well as possibly invoking some harsh words and a penalty from a judge. HR also has a strategic role, doing more than just aiding the recruitment process and dealing with the day-to-day problems that the company may face. HR can be central to businesses development, coordinating and identifying training, supporting performance management, engaging employees and much more; connecting it to the power of data should be just a win-win. But do it right!.
The book delivers a lot of enthusiastic and inspirational information, aided with the right amount of theory, a lot of practical advice and some case studies to show how some of the bits can fit together in a realistic, real-world situation. For what you get for the immensely reasonable price tag, it is a literal, literary steal. For those who are sceptical about where the data can be found or how it can be connected for greater exploitation, this is covered, and more, and naturally, the various legislation and best practices that surround such usage help shape and guide the plans.
A wise company executive or manager who is not focussed on HR can also get some benefit from this book since its multidisciplinary reach is more than capable of brushing up a bit of knowledge here and there and possibly loosening additional beneficial thought processes. It is a relatively slim, but compelling book that can give a lot if you need it and let it.