Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview

Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview Book Cover Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview
Evan Pellett
Blackstone Publishing

A short promise – learn 15 insider secrets from a top recruiter and make your next job interview a very successful one.
Do you need a book like this? Do books like this really help? How good is the advice? Well, the truth is that recruiters can vary, just as candidates, so you should be wary of anything being viewed as a definitive resource. Yet this book is reasonably priced and you only have to pick up a nugget or two of useful information to probably get your money’s worth. In any case, it is far from a dumbed-down book whose content you could quickly find on the Internet, and it is worthy of a read just in case you learn something new and useful.
The author believes that their advice will help transform your job searching and hopefully interview process, and an eight-point interview success plan is offered up. It can be imagined, if one is overly critical, that cultural norms can differ between industries and particularly between countries, so you may need to be prepared to modify some of the advice. Just don’t take it as Gospel that remain cast in stone. Some of the advice seemed a little too extreme in many circumstances, but what may work in one country might not work in another. It is a case of “reader beware”, just in case.
It was not an onerous read and potentially it could be a great resource for the jobseeker. If you are less experienced at interviewing it may be an essential source of advice. In any case, it is not going to break the bank if you buy the book for a quick “interview technique check-up”. It may be hyperbole to describe some of the given “secrets” as secrets – they feel like common-sense, yet it is often the simplest, easiest and most obvious things that can get overlooked…
It is difficult to specifically recommend this book with ringing praise, yet equally it is hard to slate it. If you can get the book at a good price, or through a library, and you need this kind of advice it is worth checking it out.