Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation

Building the Agile Business Through Digital Transformation Book Cover Building the Agile Business Through Digital Transformation
Neil Perkin & Peter Abraham
Business & Economics
Kogan Page

This is a useful and timely book, tapping into the digital transformation trend that is still flowing through companies, offering a clear guide to identify and transform as necessary into a more agile, flexible and responsive business.
Showing that change can be necessary, but not for change’s sake, the authors do a great job in introducing concepts and helping transform thinking in the process. It manages to deliver information to audiences of different levels and experiences without being overpowering or patronising in the process. It acts as both educator and mentor alike! Practical advice and real-world case studies go together with more academic and technical information and, for those who need it, there are many references to provoke further research and reading.
What is more, this book is offered at a very competitive price! There is not a lot more to say, other than you should look at this book, even if you think you already digital transformed. You may be surprised… and for those who are not yet there, it can be a little diamond in your armoury.