Black Edge

Black Edge Book Cover Black Edge
Sheelah Kolhatkar
Random House

Readers of this excellent book are treated to a deep-dive inside the story of the rise and fall of American hedge fund SAC Capital – the largest insider trader investigation so far.
For those who have not followed this story, it could easily read like a hard-to-believe Hollywood movie; it is just so broad, so pervasive and so jaw-dropingly amazing. The author has done a great job in distilling a complex story into a (relatively short) engaging, focussed, gripping read that can act as both reference book and novel alike.
It is an ideal travel companion that will consume many hours of enjoyable reading, even if one doesn’t wish to glamorise its happenings. This company was by no means the only offender in what activities were undertaken, even if it was the most successful and brazen. Its “luck” ran out and it paid the price. No doubt other unpleasant activities exist in Wall Street, if stones are lifted.
An excellent read, even if you don’t usually consume such books. You may already have your views about investment and banking companies, yet prepare for this to be possibly smashed into smithereens.