Ask More

Ask More Book Cover Ask More
Frank Sesno

You should love questions and never be afraid of posing them (or receiving them)! This reviewer takes every oppoity to ask something, even if there is not a goal or specific purpose in mind. Idle curiosity can be enough. That said, the right question at the right time can be the spark that sets off change and leads to better things.
This book could be described as a guide to questions, explaining why you should not fear them. It encourages you to use questions, pointing out how smart and successful people get ahead and, yes, you’ve guessed it, questioning is part of it! It may seem obvious to a curious person, such as this author, and perhaps the love of questioning and being nosey helped steer his career path, but for others asking a question can be a somewhat fearful event.  By the end of reading this book, hopefully the reader will be disabused of this notion and will start to want to ramp up their questioning habit or refine their habit to greater effect.
Many questions can be strategic, others are more background-building. The answers hopefully given can inspire further questions, research, fire curiosity and focus a future path of action. They can also work to help pour deserved cold water on an idea or notion. Sometimes the best answers are negative ones to a question that you had perhaps hoped should have been greeted with enthusiasm and positivity. It might be a bit like the old comment about body odour, only a best friend or partner may honestly answer a direct question about your freshness.
This reasonably priced book can give a lot, should you need what it has on offer. For some, such as this reviewer, it is preaching to the converted yet it did not come over as boring, talking down to the reader or patronising. Clearly it can be capable being of a great help and inspiration to many and certainly worthy of closer consideration.
Let me ask a couple of questions… What is there not to like about this book? What do you have to lose by checking it out?