Accounting and Finance for Managers

Accounting and Finance for Managers Book Cover Accounting and Finance for Managers
Matt Bamber & Simon Parry
Business & Economics
Kogan Page

Accounting and finance can be subjects that create a lot of headache for students and business leaders alike, particularly if you are not destined for a career in that specific area, yet it is an important subject that is essential for many leaders and managers. Ignore it at your peril.
So, this is a timely revision of a well-received book that can be a great companion to teach (or refresh one’s ailing memory) about the key concepts of accounting and finance, built around real-world examples and figures. This is a book I wished for at a previous time, when trying to bash accountancy knowledge into my brain with varied success! This need not be a book just for students. Those who are more established in their career should have no shame in adding this to their bookshelf (even if they wrap it in brown paper) as it is very capable of being both an educational and reference aid.
There is more than just adding a credit to the debit balance and vice versa. Chapters look at subjects such as business planning, corporate governance issues, financing decisions and operational financing are given, all backed up with references, external links and online resources for good measure. It is a hefty book, with an incredibly low price for what you are getting, yet it remains accessible and easy-to-read (as much as any accounting book can be), deserving consideration of students and executives alike for sure!