A simple concept: 90 essential skills that one needs to be a good leader and practice good leadership, packaged in a book that has previously been well-received and has now been completely revised for this fourth edition.

It does work too. It is a simple kind of book that will attract both those who tend to read sequentially as well as those who can dip in and out, skimming their way around. The advice is practical in nature, rather than clouded in theory about what should work. You may not even agree with them all, yet they should not be so controversial. Different things can work for different people, so even if you don’t treat this as a Bible, but a generous gift of advice that has worked for many, you might not go too far wrong nor need to feel bad if you need to implement everything or don’t get along with one point.

The price is great for what you can get too! You can be picky whether 90 is a true and magic number since it sounds a lot to be ‘essential’. In any case, the advice is useful and relevant, so maybe ignore the number and just immerse yourself in what follows and review the value afterwards. It is logically organised into chapters such as people skills, organization skills and political skills. Each bit of advice takes up a page or two, so it is hardly going to tax even the most-stressed executive who may, in fact, be in dire need of a ‘skills refresh’.

All in all, a recommended guide.

The Leadership Skills Handbook Book Cover The Leadership Skills Handbook
Jo Owen
Kogan Page