The Culture Code

The Culture Code Book Cover The Culture Code
Daniel Coyle
Random House Business Books

What can seemingly disparate organizations such as Google and a U.S. baseball team have in common? One key factor, which is brought forth through this book, is success due to internal teams, working together and fashioned by a nurtured, encouraged and functional process. Within this relatively slim, accessible book is an interesting guide to understanding and shaping an authentic, powerful and engaging company or organizational culture. It may even help some families…
The author has effectively lifted the lid on, and looked inside, some of the most effective organizations in the world and scooped out some of their secrets, considering and analysing what is making them function, how they are achieving it and perhaps more importantly why this is a specifically valuable or different attribute. There is no secret sauce, as such, as it can be a combination of many attributes and then their specific application. All the author has done is to provide a well-curated shopping list to the reader – the harder part may be the reader implementing and/or changing things within their own organization.
Even if you don’t have a company to change or no hope of even enacting it, this book can still be an interesting, fascinating read from a purely ‘civilian perspective’. It keeps jargon, hype and insider-speak at bay, without devaluing the presented analysis, thus making it suitable for a wide range of audiences. This is all wrapped up with evidenced science, good practice, insight and much more. It is more than an ‘I think’-type book. It is offered at an amazingly low price too, unbelievably so for what you potentially get, thus there may be no excuse in passing it by.
It is a very interesting concept that has been well executed and packaged, deserving a sequential read. It is a book you will return to and quite conceivably find different nuances or revelations with each review as your knowledge and worldview changes. There is no specific key point that makes this book stand out, it is more its total package – it is all good!