Strategic Decision Making

Strategic Decision Making Book Cover Strategic Decision Making
Simon Haslam & Ben Shenoy
Business Strategy
Kogan Page

How should one strategically take a decision? The answer might not be as easy, on one hand, as you think, since the world today doesn’t stand still and decisions require a degree of strategic consideration and flexibility. You need to discover your next steps and prepare to be reactive to change. Naturally, this book claims to help!
Promising guidance towards a ‘discovery-led approach to critical choices in turbulent times’, the authors offer up a framework that they claim can help take sound, strategic decisions even though everything may be in flux. It is a multi-pronged approach that may have merit, using framing, experimenting and scaling to trial and revise if necessary any decisions before fully implementing them. The book mixes theory and real-world examples together well, allowing you to understand the methodology being promoted and see how it may be incorporated into your existing routines. It may also help streamline other elements of your work or operation, removing some of the adverse things that may exist such as rigidity, bias and inertia through a demonstratively better way of doing things. In any case, it is a worthwhile consideration rather than a hype-filled empty promise. A lot of potential exists, although the hard work falls on to the reader.
The writing style is still geared a little too-much towards the academic, meaning that a time-limited executive may struggle or skip over some of the fine text provided. A little bit of ‘word rationalisation’ may have been justified without diluting the work. It was engaging to read, showing that change is necessary and how many of the ‘past must-dos’ may not necessarily be needed or afforded such an exalted position as previously. For example some of the classic strategy models can be outdated or tangentially helpful – in any case they are not the ‘be all and end-all’ that many claim (or are taught, even today).
The business world has changed but the way of doing and learning about it has not necessarily caught up. For this reader, perhaps the greatest power was possibly what was not ‘directly said’ but inferred through closer, nuanced reading than the headline and promise of the book. Your response may vary, but consideration of this book can be recommended.