Sweat the small stuff and, where necessary, make small but motivated changes to a product or service’s design and prepare for a boost in sales. This is the key takeaway from this interesting, thought-provoking book. Of course, sales may not be the only thing you can save on, as you will soon discover.

It is not always the case that big changes are the best, as often what may appear to be a minor change in focus can be the most yielding. It boils down to visual attraction that triggers the rational human being to make a purchase decision. When faced with effectively two identical products, something must trigger the buyer and it is not always price! This book takes the reader through the ‘laws of visual attraction’ to inspire them and help them implement this within their own businesses. The author has been doing visual merchandising consultancy for many top brands over the past 23 years, so clearly knows her stuff.

It is great that this book did not demand prior knowledge, although of course those with a background in merchandising will benefit even more from this. It can be a book for beginner, expert, the curious and even those working in unrelated areas – it is more than just making your store or product box look nice. The text is accessible, suits different audiences and delivers quality, informative advice freely and generously. Overall, a comprehensive mix of advice is given that can lead to informed transformation that might not be necessarily noticed by all (unless it is a ‘big bang’ approach). It may be visible to the company’s financial bottom-line.

One interesting take-out was that the right use of colour can even save on your energy bills! The author noted how a company painted its blue cafeteria walls orange, and managed to save a lot on air conditioning energy bills as it could reduce the temperature from 24C to 20C since everyone complained ‘how warm the building was’. Maybe I need to paint my house walls orange and see if this fools my wife and daughter!

This is a book you should consider!

Secrets Behind Things That Look Good Book Cover Secrets Behind Things That Look Good
Claire Langju Lee