Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing
Experiential Marketing Book Cover Experiential Marketing
Shirra Smilansky
Kogan Page

One of the current buzzwords in marketing is experiential marketing – something that always makes me misread it as experimental marketing for some reason – namely the practice of helping consumers experience and engage with a brand. So this is a book, as you may expect, about that subject, and a revised edition at that!
It is billed as being a ‘practical guide to interactive brand experiences’ and, to be fair, it seems to do what it sets out to be. You will either get on-side with it straight away or you won’t: it feels a bit of an either-or proposition, through no direct fault of the book or its contents.
The author has sought to show the ropes of experiential marketing and gives guidance about generating an amplified level of brand engagement through a hyper-niche of engaged consumers, pushing social media activity and generating buzz. Not every company may have operations to benefit from this kind of action, but arguably some of the techniques could be used, even in part, by all companies to help their marketing and promotions efforts. The reader is aided by a methodological look at the subject with engaging content to help get you doing something rather than just reading about it.
It is priced at a reasonable level so you can easily afford to buy it to familiarise yourself with possibly an unfamiliar concept and the potential reward is much greater. One of the key activities of this marketing methodology is the ‘live event’ and this can be a broad definition, so even a webinar or information presentation can be used. Not everything has to be informal or ultra-consumer focussed. Yes, even a webinar about tax planning legislation could be engaging in the right hands and with the right audience.
Unfortunately, I feel that this book initially expected a certain degree of pre-knowledge and the start of the book was a bit of a mixed, confusing array of information that could bewilder many potential readers. It did get better as you progressed, however, so be prepared for a little bit of possible extra reading scrutiny at the start, but the overall message is worth any reading pains that may exist. It is good that there are summaries at the end of chapters as well as references to additional reading sources – these can be incredibly valuable!
It can be worthwhile looking at this book and seeing if your company can benefit from this marketing approach.