Digital Branding

Digital Branding
Digital Branding Book Cover Digital Branding
Daniel Rowles
Kogan Page

This book, which sets out to give practical guidance to online and digital brand building and development, may turn some of your current thinking on its head and correct some misunderstandings. It is a revised edition, bringing together key marketing elements to help the reader develop a framework that can be measured, exploited and monetarised with the aid of some of the latest thinking and techniques.
It was an enjoyable, accessible and informative read, being capable even of ‘teaching old dogs new tricks’. It can either be a book of revelations, an aide memoire or a refresher course – depending on your knowledge – whilst serving all audiences with equal aplomb. A heady mix of theory, real-world experience and deployed case studies help draw the reader’s focus. It is a book for doing and do-ers, rather than a drier academic read, although certainly it can guide the academic reader at the same time.
Clearly the book cannot be a deep-dive into every subject, but it does give you a clearer picture about how all the elements go together, such as e-mail marketing, social, mobile, law and so-forth, and then you are better equipped to seek deeper individual resources as necessary and understand its relevancy.
The book’s price is incredibly low for what you potentially stand to gain from its contents. A recommended reading consideration.