Confident Web Design

Confident Web Design Book Cover Confident Web Design
Kenny Wood
Web Design
Kogan Page

A surprisingly versatile book that is designed to be an ultimate beginner’s guide to web design, being capable of both giving a taste of what to expect for the programmer-in-waiting as well as a technical primer to those who may need to deal with web developers and who want to understand something about the dark arts.
Obviously, it is not going to make you thoroughly proficient in web programming technologies – that is not its aim – but it will easily give you a taste of things to come and get you understanding some of the core concepts and basic building blocks. Examples of programming are given with careful handholding, so you can have a go on your own computer and see the results of your efforts. After reading the book, you will certainly have a good basic understanding and be better placed to focus on specific programming methodologies and languages.
One of the best bits, unlike many other beginner-type books I’ve seen over the years, is that it doesn’t try and be ‘wacky’ or ‘cool’, and neither does it appear to ‘talk down’ to the reader. A professional, open approach appears to be deployed to good effect.
If you are in the market for such a book, you would be recommended to check it out!