Burn the Business Plan

Burn the Business Plan Book Cover Burn the Business Plan
Carl J. Schramm
Simon & Schuster

The title of this book alone may send many learned professors and advisors into shock! You must have a business plan… how can you burn it?! How can you indeed…
You may be drawn in by the book’s provocative title, before you discover its aim of explaining what real-world, great entrepreneurs have really done and how they achieved it. At the same time, it may set into focus the reality of entrepreneurship and slay a few misconceptions along the way. In truth, there is still probably scope for a business plan – especially internally – but unfortunately it has a bit of a bad reputation for being an often-inflexible document, based around forecasts that have more ‘hope’ than ‘certainty’.
The author highlights that many of the most-successful companies never had a formal business plan to guide them, giving them the ability and freedom to be reactive to changing circumstances, success and problems. A plan always has a place, if you are honest, but it is how you use it that may be a differentiating factor.
It was a very interesting read, even if a lot of the knowledge might not have been new to this reviewer who shares much of the author’s views. It is thoughtful and powerful, capable of puncturing many myths about entrepreneurial activity, the joys of running a business and much more besides. It can be a bit of a slog to read through because of its narrative style, but a worthy read nonetheless.
It is important to note that this book is more than just a collection of warnings. The real-world experiences and practical knowledge may be of great benefit – even if you disagree with parts of it or seek to challenge it.