Building a StoryBrand

Building a StoryBrand cover
Building a Storybrand Book Cover Building a Storybrand
Donald Miller
Business & Economics
Thomas Nelson

Improve how you connect with potential customers and you may find that they become committed, loyal actual customers. This is the simple proposition of this book, showing how to use stories and storytelling to build a brand, develop a connection and nurture a business relationship.
Make no mistake. You are not going to make a faux story about being inspired as a child to do something with all the clichés of traditionalism and adversity. The story is part metaphor and part building block. There is no real rocket science behind it, yet it is something most people are guilty of either ignoring or failing to always thoroughly consider. It can be all too easy to be ‘blind’ to one’s own products and services since you know it all, have worked with it and perhaps wrongly assume that everyone else will ‘get it’ and ‘love it’. Other mistakes can include wrapping up a proposition in jargon or failing to demonstrate a real need or just seeming fake. The list is endless.
Yet look at how some successful companies do it. You don’t have to have the financial resources of Apple, for example, to do some of the things that they have done to great effect. Even the smallest of companies can weave a good story and use it to develop a brand – even if it only shall service a local area – and create an authentic, creative and appreciated entity in the process. Within the book, the author does a good job in explaining the importance of the storytelling art, using everyday language to great effect. The hard work still falls into your lap, however, but you will be better-armed with a plan of action to understand what may make human customers react and respond to.
It is not a magic act. You still need a compelling proposition. You probably won’t be selling ice to the North Pole, but you should be communicating differently, acting differently and reacting differently and hopefully seeing your business grow if you successfully implement all of the author’s advice. Even if, for whatever reason, you do not or cannot get fully on-board with the book, it still will give a lot of good data to lead to eventual change or modification.
It has a lot of potential to offer the astute, receptive reader.