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21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers

This was a book I had low hopes for, since there are no shortage of books offering secret guides to this and that, accompanied by a mass of hyperbole. This…

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Putting lives in danger?

The use of journalists as a cover for spying or intelligence-gathering is well-known, whether overtly with the journalist-as-agent or by an agent presenting false journalistic credentials. The scale and scope…

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Entrepreneurial You

We can all be entrepreneurs if we can just recognise it and then work on actualising it. This book sets out to show you how to create the entrepreneurial career…

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The Effects of Mass Surveillance on Journalists’ Relations With Confidential Sources

This is an interesting look at how some journalists are handling, or changing, their relationships with confidential sources as well as general working practices due to increasing state-backed mass surveillance.…

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To Republish or not to Republish

How did the international media react to the well-known Charlie Hebdo publication of a cartoon featuring the Prophet Mohammed in 2015 and did their representation match the underlying editorial commentary?…

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Still an Agenda Setter

Has so-called traditional media lost its influence, even if it has lost its effective monopoly of news distribution? This is the key consideration of this article, based on research conducted…

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