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The Tyranny of Metrics

Metrics is a word that can convey many feelings and emotions. It can be the means of beneficial analysis and quantification, as well as being something one is a slave…

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Power Your Tribe

Put simply, this is a book designed to help you create (or maintain) a resilient workplace team that can survive turbulence and change. Its contents are based around neuroscience tools…

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The Introvert’s Edge

The shy, quiet introvert can outsell anyone and sell with the best of them: this is the core claim of this book that may give hope to those who assume…

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Reset and reboot our corporate attitudes to help navigate the rocky, beneficial road that social media and the broader social landscape offer us – this is the aim of this…

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Burn the Business Plan

The title of this book alone may send many learned professors and advisors into shock! You must have a business plan… how can you burn it?! How can you indeed……

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Strategic Decision Making

How should one strategically take a decision? The answer might not be as easy, on one hand, as you think, since the world today doesn’t stand still and decisions require…

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