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User Research

“You can never have enough research” is a reasonably good mantra to have in business, although of course it should be viewed as a guide. Sometimes you do have to…

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Successful Integrated Planning for the Supply Chain

Integration of activities should be a given in today’s fast-moving business climate, but surprisingly it is often overlooked or not given as much close consideration as it deserves. In areas…

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Here is another practical guide that promises to help the reader assess, manage and prepare for both current and future workforce requirements. It broadly does what it sets out to…

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The Power of Company Culture

A lot is written about a company’s culture and the importance of trying to get it ‘right’, although maybe there is a perception that it can be artificially designed and…

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The faces of local TV news in America

Stereotypes exist, perhaps unintentionally, when it concerns publicity by local television news stations in the United States, affecting women more than men. This is the conclusion of this surprisingly fascinating…

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E-Business and Supply Chain Integration

Essentially this is a book that seeks to highlight strategies for using e-business technologies within the supply chain, backed up by a host of case studies. Capable of being illuminative…

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