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Algorithms of Oppression

Algorithms, at the heart of computer systems such as search engines, can be racist or at least reinforce racism. That is the claim of this book’s author. It is difficult…

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The Culture Code

What can seemingly disparate organizations such as Google and a U.S. baseball team have in common? One key factor, which is brought forth through this book, is success due to…

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Low Man on the Totem Pole

Described as a ‘tough love-letter to the employee in all of us, this book seeks to shake the jaded employee (that we can be at times) and try and get…

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Predictive Analytics for Marketers

Predictive analytics is a fascinating hot topic in marketing circles currently and this book offers up an informative, engaging and understandable look at the situation-thus-far. The author shows how current…

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Unbroken America

The core message of this book seems to say that the United States of America is not as structurally or societally ‘broken’ as many suggest., bur problems exist due to…

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Participation Marketing

Get your employees active and telling stories about your brand, enabling an authentic and informed form of enthusiastic marketing to be unleashed in the process. This is the focus of…

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