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‘You really have to have a thick skin’

It is frustrating, depressing reading and the subject is uncalled for. The results, if universally applied (or even worse!), are shameful and no doubt indicative of problems existing in other…

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A crisis by any other name?

It seems that crises are everywhere if you only take your news from headlines and key stories. Therefore it is no wonder that the perceptions of many can be shaped…

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Networked: Social media’s impact on news production in digital newsrooms

This is a piece of research looking within the newsroom to determine the effects social media may have on elements of news production, particularly where it may influence or affect…

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Data-Driven HR

A practical, inspirational guide for human resources (HR) professionals, this book sets out to show how data collected by a company can be utilised to improve the HR function and,…

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Treated Like Family

A rags-to-riches book detailing the long and winding story about how Sargento developed into a U.S.-based billion-dollar cheese company. At first, I feared that I would not like this somewhat…

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It’s a terrible way to go to work

Nobody should go to work with the expectation of receiving abuse, although for some occupations it may be seen as a side effect that is hard to remove. Journalism can…

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