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Networked: Social media’s impact on news production in digital newsrooms

This is a piece of research looking within the newsroom to determine the effects social media may have on elements of news production, particularly where it may influence or affect…

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Data-Driven HR

A practical, inspirational guide for human resources (HR) professionals, this book sets out to show how data collected by a company can be utilised to improve the HR function and,…

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Treated Like Family

A rags-to-riches book detailing the long and winding story about how Sargento developed into a U.S.-based billion-dollar cheese company. At first, I feared that I would not like this somewhat…

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It’s a terrible way to go to work

Nobody should go to work with the expectation of receiving abuse, although for some occupations it may be seen as a side effect that is hard to remove. Journalism can…

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Learning from failure

It seems that there has been a high rate of business failure amongst self-employed African migrants in the United Kingdom following the 2008 financial crisis, enough to warrant specific observation…

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Humor in the classroom

A little bit of humour, general humour, can only lighten the mood and help a bit of knowledge sink in at the same time can’t it? That has been the…

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